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Build Week 6

Build Week 6

As Bag Day draws closer and closer, Team 4961 works furiously to get all the last details into place before competition. We are continually prototyping our shooter, which is now closer than ever to being completed. Even though some of the elements of the robot are still being finished, the Drive Team has been busy as well. On Friday our Drive Team traveled to Romeo, the Byting Bulldogs, to use their drive field to practice on. Thank you, Team 3539! In addition to the Mechanical Build and Drive Teams, Business and Spirit have been hard at work as well. The business plan was finally submitted, which gives us a chance at winning the Entrepreneurship Award. Spirit has designed new numbers to use in the stands, which will have lights in them, and is making various other spirit wear for us to use during competitions. A couple more days until bag day, Thank you for all of your support!

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Team 4961, named Shock and Awe-Sum, joined the FIRST Robotics Competition in the 2014 season. The members of Team...
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