All Girls Competition

On November 12, 2016, FIRST Robotics held its annual All Girls competition.

All Girls Competition

On November 12, 2016, FIRST Robotics held its annual All Girls competition at Bloomfield High School, in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The event was an off-season competition where only the female members of each FIRST Robotics team participate in driving and fixing the team robot and compete for first place. This event is meant to encourage more women to follow STEM career paths in order to have more female engineers.

This year’s competition included 32 teams, one of which was Almont High School’s Team 4961, Shock and Awe-Sum in for their second year in the All-Girls competition. Of the 28 student members, Kayla Pia, Zoey Kerchen, and Elizabeth Tietschert drove the robot in matches and Hannah Szydlowski, Isabella Albers, and Rachel Tietschert performed repairs between matches.

Under Coach Jason Weaver and alongside mentors Mr. David Staley and Mrs. Mandy Ott, these six girls spent many Tuesday and Thursday nights to practice driving and learning how to fix our robot in preparation for the competition. The drivers practiced moving over obstacles and launching foam balls into goals while the pit team fixed the robot every time it broke and checked its structure and wiring every 20 min.

The day of the competition came and the girls as well as the rest of the team left for Bloomfield, ready to compete. At 8:30 am, the opening ceremony kicked off the event and the qualification rounds started. The beginning of the round was slightly rocky, but the team worked to fix any issues and rose in the rankings. After qualification, the teams formed into 8 alliances and 4961 was picked for the 8th alliance. The 8th alliance of four teams made it all the way to the final match. Team 4961 competed in the final match with the other 3 teams and went home with second place in the competition.

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