Almont FIRST Robotics Team Wins Industrial Design and Safety Awards in Troy!

Almont FIRST Robotics Team Wins Industrial Design and Safety Awards in Troy!

Shock and Awe-sum Team #4961 is celebrating a tremendous finish in the FIRST STEAMWORKS District competitions at both Waterford Mott and Troy Athens high schools. With only one week of District competitions left, Almont is ranked 68 out of 451 Michigan teams! The State Championship tournament will be held at the Ryder Center at Saginaw Valley State University on April 12th-15th where Michigan’s top 160 teams face off to determine who advances to the World Championship competition. Almont is in a great position to move on to the State tournament and has already been awarded a wild card bid to compete at the World Championship in St. Louis on April 26th-29th.

The 2017 FIRST STEAMWORKS game set the goal for each team to build and control a robot that can load gears onto a peg, collect fuel, climb a rope, and help the team's airship prepare for take off! The competition at Waterford Mott was the first tournament this season for Almont’s Team #4961. Shock and Awe-sum had a strong and promising beginning in the Waterford competition involving multiple wins and an excellent individual rating. This team's robot is agile, fast, and averages 4-5 gears per game which is higher than most other teams. However, toward the end of the first day, the team experienced some technical difficulties with their climbing mechanism. But together, they worked to fix their climber and improve their performance.

Ultimately, Shock and Awe-sum earned the position of 5th seed captain going into the quarter final rounds. As 2nd seed captains, Romeo selected Team #4961 to join their alliance along with Team #5641 from Byron, Michigan. This fierce alliance won their first game by sixteen points, but suffered a very narrow loss in each of the next two matches to finish out the tournament. Overall, Team #4961 ranked 13th out of 40 teams and earned 34 District points toward State qualification.

The Troy tournament was held this past weekend with Shock and Awe-sum finishing in 8th place against 42 teams. Their performance in the qualifying matches proved once again that their robot was the fastest on the field. Shock and Awe-sum was the first choice of the 5th seed captains, Team #2960 going into the quarter final rounds. Their alliance won out over the 4th seed alliance to move into the semi-final matches against the 1st seed alliance. With a nail-biting finish, Team #4961 and their alliance teams were eliminated in the semi-final matchups.

The highlight of the Troy tournament was the thrill of being presented with the Industrial Design Award by GM and the Safety Award. Both of these awards are extremely competitive and it is an honor for Team #4961 to be recognized at this level! In addition, Shock and Awe-sum earned the Safety Poster and the Hard Hat Safety Pin at the Troy competition. The team’s performance through the semi-finals and the awards together added 46 District points toward State tournament qualification!

The scope of FIRST Robotics also involves business, media, fundraising, and community involvement. Not only does the team have high hopes for the robotic performance, but for their newest enterprise, the business plan. Student members worked diligently with mentors to perfect a business plan. This involves answering questions for the judges at District competitions in hopes of obtaining the coveted business award as well as learning from the experience to improve non-robotic parts of the team. Team Shock and Awe-sum is off to a strong and promising season, having created and achieved multiple new goals as well as a robot that is fast and able to work successfully with their alliance teams. Their hard work is paying off and now they get to go to the famous World Championship in St. Louis, a dream they shoot for every year.

Shock and Awe-sum is extremely grateful to its many sponsors, donors, mentors, and supporters for a successful and promising season. Our students welcome anyone who would like to help Team #4961 with travel expenses to St. Louis and our dream to compete in the World Championship. Please support our efforts through GoFundMe, FRC #4961 Championship Travel Fund.

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