Kickoff Begins

On Saturday, January 7th, Kickoff began.

Kickoff Begins

On Saturday, January 7th, Kickoff began. Even before the game was revealed at 10:30, the current team and alumni (about 50 people in total) gathered in our team’s robotics room to watch the reveal video.

A few team members went to Capac to watch the reveal video there while getting our kit of parts for the season. They also got a look at the game field and rejoined us after they were done.

Back at Almont, the crowd that had congregated in the room hushed as the video started. This year's game: Steamworks. This year, the story is that each alliance has a steam-powered “airship” on each side of the field. The objective is to shoot balls in the low and high goals of the boilers to generate enough energy to “lift off” the ground (there is no actual flight in the game this year). In addition to the low and high goals, another way to score points is move gears to the airships so that human players (pilots) in these airships can make rotors turn.

After we watched the kickoff video, the whole team sat down and we went through the game manual, reading the rules and beginning to strategize by setting goals for what we want to accomplish this season. As of right now, we haven’t begun actually designing our robot- currently, we are only prototyping, but this season looks like it’s going to be great!

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