Week 5 Review

Week 5 Review

In week 5, Team 4961 worked harder than ever to ensure we’re ready for this year’s competition. This week, we chose our drive team: AJ Trombley and Darian Ott are drivers, Frederick Thompson is pilot and Martin Wigley is human player. Good luck, guys! We know you’ll do great.

We’ve begun finalizing the robot, powder coating has been sent out and electrical is tiding up the wires. Drive team is driving the practice robot to troubleshoot possible problems, while the programming team is working on writing code for autonomous driving.

Meanwhile, the business team has been busy finalizing our business plan, which will give us a chance to win an Entrepreneurship award. The steam punk logo for this season has been finalized, and tee shirt design has begun. As our build weeks draw to a close, loose ends continue to be tied up. Thank you to all of our sponsors and families for your support, we couldn’t do this without you.

About Us

Team 4961, named Shock and Awe-Sum, joined the FIRST Robotics Competition in the 2014 season. The members of Team...
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