Other Ways to Help

Examples of ways to help team #4961

  1. Be a build or business mentor
  2. Find a sponsor for a team meal
  3. Make ID badges for team members
  4. Organize a team social event
  5. Plan an end of year banquet
  6. Pack a box of possible forgotten things when team travels
  7. Maintain game manual and updates
  8. Solicit donations and in-kind donations from small and large companies
  9. Help with travel arrangements
  10. Write and mail thank you notes
  11. Coordinate community service projects
  12. Organize robot demonstrations
  13. Help with team spirit items
  14. Help build practice field
  15. Organize an open house for new students and possible mentors
  16. Organize an open house for sponsors
  17. Produce a PowerPoint presentation or video about FIRST and the team
  18. Organize a fundraiser
  19. Carpool students
  20. Help design t-shirts, logo, buttons, signs or banners
  21. Create team jewelry or other giveaways
  22. Organize a toolbox
  23. Take scrap metal in for recycling
  24. Facilitate teambuilding exercises
  25. Help recruit new team members
  26. Staff table at orientation meeting and explain program to parents
  27. Return pop bottles
  28. Recruit someone to teach team dance moves for songs played at competitions
  29. Volunteer for a FIRST event
  30. Bake cookies. Cookies are always appreciated
  31. Help team create handbook and code of conduct
  32. Help team create awards to give to other teams
  33. Organize a team Thank You Mentor event
  34. Make funny awards to honor students at end of year
  35. Make posters to advertise upcoming events
  36. Volunteer to chaperone a team lock-in overnighter
  37. Write team quiz on game rules prior to competition
  38. Help scout other teams
  39. Network with other teams
  40. Take minutes at team meeting
  41. Donate needed supplies
  42. Lead Varsity letter for Robotics at school level
  43. Act as a liaison with sponsor
  44. Design team pit
  45. Create team presentation book
  46. Host bag day party to celebrate end of build season
  47. Organize team archive
  48. Take photos and make copies for team members
  49. Make a scrapbook of season to show judges
  50. Most importantly, share your talent, skill, or passion in any way that could inspire a student.

Thank you to NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) for idea list.

About Us

Team 4961, named Shock and Awe-Sum, joined the FIRST Robotics Competition in the 2014 season. The members of Team...
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